TFA stands Tvornica farmaceutske ambalaže - Pharmaceutical Packaging Factory

specialized in manufacturing of glass ampoules. We are focused on high quality of products with a 100% visual inspection aided by parameter-monitoring cameras.


We manufacture glass ampoules in volumes of 1 ml, 2 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml

Ampoules are made of colourless or brown neutral borosilicate glass tubing of the first hydrolytic class, according to ISO 9187. In addition to standard ampoules, we also provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of a customer.

Our ampoules are manufactured in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia, the US Pharmacopoeia and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

High quality of glass ampoules is the basis of our successful business

Our belief that quality is not just meeting the customers’ needs but a way of doing business makes us a reliable and trustworthy partner. By meeting the requirements of ISO 15378 (GMP) and obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, issued by the Swiss accreditation company SGS, we demonstrate our commitment to the utmost quality of products.

Our high level of quality is the result of many years of experience and significant investments in employees and equipment.


Opening of a new manufacturing facility laid foundation for a strong business growth

The facility was designed and built exclusively for the manufacturing of glass ampoules, thus speeding up and modernizing the entire manufacturing process.

We manufacture ampoules on the production lines of a globally renowned manufacturer. They are packed in a controlled environment of a clean room, class D, GMP. During the manufacturing process, all key product parameters are camera-inspected.

We are proud of our employees, their responsible and serious approach to work as well as their experience in manufacturing of glass ampoules

We believe that people are the foundation of our successful business.
With the experience we have acquired over many years and constant investment in our employees' knowledge and skills, we make our products and services better, adapting them to customers’ needs.

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