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TFA stands Tvornica farmaceutske ambalaže - Pharmaceutical Packaging Factory, is specialized in manufacturing of glass ampoules.
We are focused on high quality of products with a 100% visual inspection aided by parameter-monitoring cameras. Years of experience in the manufacturing of ampoules combined with flexible and well-organized employees enable us to produce high quality products and respond quickly to customer needs.

Through continuous investment in our employees and equipment we keep pace with market trends, strengthen our market position and increase our market share


We see the cooperation with our customers exclusively as partnership, where our experienced professionals always strive to meet every need of our customers. We strive to offer not only high-quality products but also service of the same level.

In the spirit of good partnership, we do our best to fulfil every order, wish or special requirement or meet a tight manufacturing deadline. Continuous work and cooperation enable us to develop long-term partnerships, meet high standards and take responsibility and initiative for product improvement.

Through our team we build long-term close relationships with our partners.

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